Bris\Baby Naming

Please see download our promotional package that is good for 2016-2017. This can be used for budgeting purposes. Menus are varied and can include ethnic specialties and can be customized to suit any cuisine, taste profile or budget.

Option 1: Formal Event

Breakfast Menu

Room rental: 400.00 (breakfast fee)
Food: Dairy or Parve;  starts from $26.75 per person
Mashgiach\Setup fee: 250.00
Linens and Napkins: TBD
Tax and Service charge are over and above.

Option 2: Takeout

Breakfast Takeout Menu

Room Rental: 200-400.00 (breakfast fee)
Food: See Breakfast Takeout Menu menu attached
Linens and Napkins: TBD
No Mashgiach fee
No service charge fee